Sean Burns (Animator)

September 2008

To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my highest recommendations for Brandy Cone as an artist,
designer and creative specialist. Brandy and I have maintained a professional relationship for the last six
years and I can speak to the exceptional quality and creative nature of her work. Brandy has an unusually
strong ability to draw and to interpret written and verbal ideas into visual formats. Brandy also has a
solid understanding of the artistic tools, traditional and technological, necessary to create the best product

Brandy has an advanced understanding of computer applications and how they relate to the art industry. I
believe that Brandy would be a valuable addition to any artistic/creative production team. Additionally, I have
had the distinct pleasure of having Brandy Cone as a student in my Creative Visualization Storyboarding/
Story Development class while teaching at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Brandy was the
ideal student and quickly rose to the top of the class, achieving the highest grades and deserved respect.

Brandy clearly fulfilled all the challenging requirements of the Creative Visualization course work in a timely
manner and went above and beyond the basic expectations of the class to develop a product of the highest
professional level.I can confidently say Brandy is an outstanding artist and illustrator.

In addition to demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities, she maintained a clear sense of purpose in
and out of the classroom. Her creative abilities and problem solving are complimented by her exceptional
drawing capabilities, and a most valued sense of humor and rapport with fellow artists.

Since her classmates, my fellow teachers, and I will always hold her in the highest esteem, I sincerely
recommend Brandy Cone as the ideal candidate for any artistic production/creative development team.

Respectfully submitted,

Sean Burns

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