Brandy Cone is a professional illustrator, character designer, storyboard artist, web designer, graphic artist, and animator currently living in Denver Colorado.  

Her abilities and talent allow her to copy any artists style presented to her and apply it to the project at hand. This also allows Brandy to create unique and original artwork that can be used for any application.    

In addition to her abilities as an illustrator, she has been working as a graphic designer and web developer combining her skills and allowing her to offer complete solutions for all artistic and design needs. 

Brandy has worked with all Adobe products in addition to traditional and digital illustration tools. She also has extensive technical training including but not limited to tablet PC’s, Wacom tablets, Macintosh and Windows platforms and standard traditional illustration techniques using paper, pen/pencil, color pencil, watercolor, acrylic and charcoal solutions.    

She has worked in a management/directors position providing her with experience as a team member and team leader while developing skills that allows her to multi-task while under rigorous time and budget constraints.

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